"What you eat affects PMS." -Dr. Mark Hyman, MD enjoying PMS Bites

"These were so good - I almost forgot they were healthy! I definitely recommend keeping them as a regular feature in the pantry. You never know when you're going to need a little pick-me-up without the regret and never ending cycle that follows most desserts!"

-Lauren N Gastonia, North Carolina

"Bitting into a PMS bite is like a little piece of joy. Not only does this treat taste delicious, but it's nutritious and helps to ease some of my period pains."

-Stephanie Hunt, Rancho Cucamonga, California

"I suffer greatly from PMS every month, but PMS bites have given me a healthy way to cope. They taste great, avoid all of my food allergies (and I have many!), and provide relief from irritability and bloating. I'm so grateful for them!"

-Lisa Reston, VA

"PMS Bites is a brilliant product that adds a little chuckle to an often taboo subject. Squeeze Juice Company is proud to carry this product in all our locations, we feel good offering a great holistic, cruelty-free product and seeing our customers faces light up when they see the beautifully crafted packaging and feel better when they come back craving more. My personal favorite is the coconut, but our regulars haven't made up their minds, all we know is that with each taste we hear an 'Oh my God! SO GOOD'. It is truly amazing someone didn't think of this sooner!"

-Amelia Childs, Squeeze Juice Company, Boston

"I love my PMS bites! They're like a cross between truffles and brownie bites, and I love knowing that they're still healthy and might actually make me feel better during my period."

-Vidya Gopalakrishna, Austin, Texas