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As the Crimson Tide rolls in, women commonly experience anger, severe food cravings, bloating around the hips and a flood of other symptoms. To help alleviate these maladies for herself, 30-year-old Tania Green developed PMS Bites — chocolate balls made with herbs that remedy premenstrual symptoms.

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Though women may crave sugar during that time of the month, Green says it can actually exacerbate symptoms like irritability, bloating, and fatigue. So, she decided to create a healthier alternative.

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Chocolate for Women on their Periods Lands Boston Entrepreneur on 'Shark Tank'

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PMS Bites NBC vegan gluten free chocolates for pms relief"When PMS hits, many women turn to chocolate to satisfying cravings. In fact, chocolate's power to defeat pre-menstrual moodiness was behind a recent Kickstarter campaign for a vegan candy specifically designed for PMS and fully funded within 15 hours."

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Ah, PMS, the second most wonderful time of the month behind actually having your period. I'm kidding, of course. PMS sucks, but what if there was something you could buy to make it suck a little less? 

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PMS Bites entered the Shark Tank with their chocolates designed especially for women during their time of the month. The treats, which are all natural and gluten free, contain herbs that aid in decreasing PMS symptoms such as bloating and cramping.

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As women, we're all too familiar with the time of month when cramps, irritability, bloat and cravings take over. Chocolate may be a temporary relief but too often the sweet moments of indulgence are soon overcome by guilt and further bloat, a feeling PMS Bites founder and Boston local, Tania Green, had just about enough of.

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PMS is an issue that can affect a large amount of women, so it is no surprise that the PMS Bites campaign was a popular hit that caught the attention of the producers of Shark Tank.

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PMS Bites ABC News vegan chocolate for PMS symptoms

"Even women with the strictest discipline can fall prey to the prime peril of PMS: chocolate.  Tania Green, 29, was one of those women. After tracking her moods daily for three years as a New Year’s resolution to be more mindful, she noticed a pattern -- nearly all her bad moods fell on PMS days. And that on those days, she kept reaching for sugary treats."

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"The week before your period can be pretty fraught.  The smallest and most insignificant things can bring you to tears, your face resembles a dot-to-dot and you begin to hate everyone. Basically, life well and truly sucks.  But those intensely frustrating days could soon be over, as passionate foodie Tania Green has created a selection of healthy PMS Bites to nibble during the worst of your premenstrual turmoil - in the hope that they'll make things that little bit easier."

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"Roughly 85% of women experience the unpleasant effects of premenstrual symptoms (PMS), also known unaffectionately as 'that time of the month.' So, how can women relieve some of these symptoms?  Former marketer Tania Green launched a business that specializes in promoting a healthier lifestyle for women experiencing PMS. At 50 calories a pop, PMS Bites are tiny treats, like a 'combination of a chocolate classic truffle and brownie batter.'"

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"Lauren Conrad shares her favorite beauty products, Angelina Jolie undergoes surgery, and the original plot of Pretty Woman is revealed, all in today's Alluring Links.  Rich and chocolaty “PMS Bites” are supposed to ease PMS symptoms."

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"Whether you physically experience PMS every month or just commiserate with someone who does, you know that it—to use a scientific term—sucks. So Tania Green wanted to make something that would fight back against her bloating, irritability and overwhelming cravings. And thus, PMS Bites were born. "

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"Day after day, 29-year-old North End resident Tania Green found that the tempting aromas of the neighborhood’s alluring bakeries were too tough to resist. In an effort to create change, and try to avoid the sugar rush, she began documenting her days—including food intake. Seeing those 'cheat days' in black and white made her realize that she was consuming one too many cannolis during the PMS time in her cycle. After doing the math, she realized that amounted to more than 100 days—almost one-third of the year."

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"Let's face it, there's a certain time of month for us ladies that is less than desirable. We tend to become irritable, emotionally and if you're anything like myself, in dire need of chocolate.  Well ladies, we're in luck.  Launched today, Boston-based PMS Bites are designed to help us satisfy our cravings while helping aid the annoying symptoms of PMS such as bloating, fatigue and cramping."

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"'We have all been there,' writes Tania Green on Kickstarter. 'Boobs swell, stomach bloats, feelings hurt, friends and significant others become annoying, work becomes overwhelming, and the only relief seems to be a pound of chocolate and a good cry.' To help relieve PMS symptoms like these, Green wants to address the chocolate part of the solution with PMS Bites, 'chocolaty, bite-sized treats perfect for women who want to satisfy cravings but are unwilling to sacrifice nutrition.'"

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"Chocolate for PMS symptoms seems to work well, but one woman thinks it works better if it’s vegan.  Tania Green, 29, is the Boston entrepreneur behind PMS Bites.  It’s your classic chocolate truffle meets brownie batter, only healthy.  Green makes her treats organic, gluten-free, vegan, raw, with no added sugar, and herbs known to help reduce PMS symptoms, such as cramping and bloating. The herbs include dandelion roots, Siberian ginseng, and chamomile."

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"PMS Bites are chocolaty, bite-sized treats perfect for women who want to satisfy cravings but are unwilling to sacrifice nutrition."

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"Eat right. Stay away from caffeine. Get enough sleep. Exercise. Repeat.  This cycle is the typical advice given to the 90 percent of women whose ovaries start reenacting scenes from Fight Club each month right before their periods, but sometimes premenstrual syndrome symptoms team up with junk food cravings that make it impossible to complete even the first task, let alone the rest.  A year ago, Bostonian Tania Green found a way to kick those kinds of cravings by concocting truffle-like chocolates containing organic, vegan ingredients and herbs such as dandelion root, Siberian ginseng, and chamomile that are known to help with bloating, cramping and other PMS symptoms."

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"Wired Women profiles successful women with ties to Boston who are pursuing their passions. These women serve as an inspiration not only to myself, but to women and girls everywhere who are eager to make waves in their field. These fab women will be sharing their stories twice a month while sharing their experiences. This week I'm profiling Tania Green, the gorgeous, local entrepreneur behind PMS Bites."

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"For many women, period week means an endless quest to rip the doors off your kitchen cabinets and scarf down every bit of food you can find.  It's not pretty, and thankfully, Boston native Tania Green has a plan to end the diet-wrecking plight.  Her Kickstarter-funded subscription service, PMS Bites, provides six chocolatey-but-healthy treats for each period."

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"Whether or not you agree with the terminology of “PMS”, the truth is that periods can be a real bitch. From sharp pains in the torso, to cravings, to not even trying to deal with that dude who keeps trying to kick it to you, often the monthly flow isn’t exactly a woman’s high-point.  Just talk to 29 year-old Tania Green, who says she’s ‘been thorough it.’ Green claims that for “up to 122 days” a year, she was uncomfortable, not getting enough sleep, and stress eating around her period. In a calculated decision to do, and feel, better, she began to get more sleep, workout more, and create PMS Bites."

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"The Rent the Runway Foundation and UBS have picked 10 finalists to compete at a female entrepreneur weekend gathering in Manhattan next month, where 150 female-founded startups will gather to hear from famous founders such as Bethenny Frankel and to meet and mingle with up-and-coming women business owners.  Among the finalists is PMS Bites: Founder Tania Green came up with a healthy and chocolaty snack delivery idea designed to curb PMS cravings, based out of Boston."

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"Every month, we're forced to greet Aunt Flo -- but until recently, there's been no incentive to give that b*tch a warm welcome. So what could've possibly changed our general attitude toward the lady in red who has ruined a good week or so of every month since childhood? Well, we've discovered a bunch of delivery services that cater to women on their periods, as well as to the crazy emotional baggage and pain that comes along with 'em.  This service gets right to the point: none of the pads and tampon business, just straight chocolate -- vegan chocolate PMS Bites."

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