We get it. You want your bites the week you need them most. So do we! 

You should determine the day you would like to receive your bites and then base your ship date off of the estimated shipping schedules are as follows:

  • Orders to New England: 2 days
  • Orders to East Coast:
  • Orders to Midwest:
  • Orders to California:

Example: I want to receive my bites on the tenth day of every month and I live in California. It will take four days to ship to me so I will select my ship date for the sixth day of the month. 

PMS Bites uses a third party vendor for shipping and cannot guarantee delivery date. We can only guarantee that your package will be shipped on the ship date you select. If your ship date falls on the weekend or a holiday, your bites will be shipped before the selected ship date for your convenience (example: if your ship date falls on a Monday holiday, we will ship the Friday before).