Top Tips for PMS

August 09, 2016

PMS and period week are a huge pain in the ass. Aside from bloating and cramping, women typically get massive cravings that actually lead to weight gain, even more bloat, and inevitable guilt. We believe that PMS doesn’t have to be frustrating. In fact, it can be a time to rejuvenate and take care of ourselves. We’ve put together a few of our favorite tips for making PMS week as smooth as possible. Follow these tips and you might even look forward to PMSing!

1. BREATHE: seems simple right? Many times, we’re so busy and stressed that we don’t take the time to practice mindfulness. Breathing deeply sends signals to our brains that we are relaxed, which reduces stress, allowing our hormones to balance. Want to take it to the next level? Try meditating. Apps like headspace are an awesome place to start.

2. Create a PMS Playlist: listening to upbeat, positive music literally changes our physiology. It produces “happy hormones” that make us feel better within seconds. Creating a playlist is an awesome tool for the emotional rollercoaster that often comes with PMS. Check out our PMS Playlist here!
3. Exercise: while working out is usually the last thing we want to do when we’re PMSing, it’s actually one of the most effective ways to combat symptoms. Physical activity produces endorphins (the aforementioned “happy hormones”), makes you feel productive, and helps with bloating and cramping. Workout Inspiration
4. Journal: keeping a gratitude journal is an incredible daily ritual (especially during PMS week). When we take the time to acknowledge our blessings, it’s virtually impossible not to feel happy. Try writing a list of five things you’re grateful for every day and watch your worries melt away. Benefits of keeping a gratitude journal 
5. Eat mindfully: we get it! We really do. It’s so easy to reach for the chips or the cookies or the chocolate. But that’s just going to make you feel so much worse. Eat very mindfully and choose snacks that will actually help your symptoms, rather than aggravate them. Order PMS Bites


 Wishing you a smooth and easy PMS week!

This post was written by Tania Green, CEO and Founder of PMS Bites.

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