Eating Your Way To Happiness During PMS Time

March 03, 2016

Finding happiness can be a challenging task, especially when you PMS. Irritability kicks in and your mood suddenly changes. What can you do? Although there are lots of ways to find happiness, whether it is by playing with puppies or spending more time with your friends, eating your way to your happy state may be the best way.

Food choices dictate a lot about brain health. When we make smart choices and consume nutrient rich foods, our brain cells function better, boosting our general level of joy. The modern American diet is not conducive to mental health or happiness, but rather linked to depression. Dr. Drew Ramsey, author of The Happiness Diet, suggests 5 happiness-inducing foods that will definitely make your next meal more joyful.

Bon appétit!

Purple Cauliflower

Although every cauliflower is packed with vitamin B6 and folate, the purple cauliflower’s color adds antioxidants that reduce inflammation in the brain. Don’t know the effect of vitamin B6 and folate in your body? We didn’t know either. Apparently your body uses these nutrients to develop neurotransmitters, which dictate all mood and cognition such as memory, sex drive, pleasure and attention.


Walnuts and pecans have high levels of oleic acid, a fat content that has been linked to decrease risk of depression. They are also full of digestion-promoting fiber, which is essential in order for nutrients to make it to the brain. Because eating pecans on its own can be boring, try them on our All Kinds of Nuts.


Oysters contain zinc and omega-3 fatty acids, a high dose of brain-boosting nutrient. Besides their usual consumption as aphrodisiacs on a first date, they should be eaten to ump vitamin B12, which protects myelin—a material that insulates brain cells.

Red Beans

Say hello to your new blueberries! Red beans are the top antioxidant containing food, surpassing the famous blueberries. They are full of protein, which their amino acids help create neurotransmitters, and have lots of iron. According to Dr. Ramsey, “Iron deficiency is the biggest preventable cause of brain disorders.”

Blue Potatoes

The skin of potatoes not only contains vitamin C, but also lots of iodine, which is vital for a healthy thyroid function. Thyroid problems can affect mood and energy levels, as well as weight gain. Bright blue color= antioxidants=happiness.


At PMS Bites we are strong believers that chocolate, specifically cacao, should have made it to the list, don’t you? Cacao is packed with nutritional benefits! It promotes cardiovascular function and health; it is packed with antioxidants and (who are we kidding) tastes amazing. Cacao can be a healthy option when you are in your period, especially when the list of foods above is not satisfying enough. Among its benefits, cacao contains high amounts of magnesium, which is vital for the relaxation of muscles and creating a feeling of calmness, exactly what we need in those days.

Next time you are trying to find happiness, remember it might just be in a small chocolaty bite called PMS Bites.

This post was written by Tania Green, CEO and Founder of PMS Bites.

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