Spring-Break Away from PMS

March 01, 2016

Everyone rejoice - spring break is just around the corner!  I’ll bet plenty of you are starting to break out your shorts and flip flops as you get ready to jet off to a tropical destination and escape the winter weather.  But what happens when you look at that really cute bikini and realize you’ll be experiencing PMS or your period on the beach?  Here are some tips for looking and feeling your best on your spring break.

Water, Water Everywhere

You’ll probably be surrounded by beautiful ocean water, but remember to drink plenty of fresh water on vacation, too!  Not only will it rehydrate you after lots of heat and sun exposure, but drinking plenty of water will help you reduce bloating.  Rock that bikini with confidence!

Go Bohemian

The great thing about beach fashion is that it can be flowy and breezy.  If you want to be really comfortable, choose more Bohemian-style outfits, with flowy silhouettes and bright patterns.  Maxi dresses are a great option, ladies!

Recline and Unwind

You might be ready to party at night, but daytime is a great time to relax and calm any unpleasant PMS symptoms.  Lay out on a towel or chair at the beach - with plenty of sunscreen!  You can even try practicing mindfulness and being fully present in the moment to get the most enjoyment out of your vacation.

Finally, remember to just have fun!  This is your time to relax and enjoy a break from school and work.  Don’t let your PMS symptoms get in the way of making great memories in a beautiful place.


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