PMS Bites’ Guide to a Stress-Free Weekend

February 19, 2016

It’s been a long, stressful week, and you’re looking forward to Friday and the weekend - except you’re also on your PMS.  That’s what has fueled a big part of your seemingly uncontrollable stress.  If you’re worried about PMS affecting your weekend, here are some suggestions for how to destress and make the most of your time off.

Be a Social Butterfly

Are you stuck at a cubicle all day during the week?  Or worse - do you get stuck listening to that coworker?  This weekend, spend some time with the people you care about, whether it’s with family game night or a night on the town with your girlfriends.  Being with the ones you love will not only boost your mood, but it’s sure to generate some laughs.  Everyone knows laughter is the best medicine for stress!  

Build in Some Me-Time

In the midst of your socializing, though, don’t forget about making time for yourself.  Reward yourself for getting through this difficult week with some quality me-time.  Watch a favorite movie, do some meditative yoga, or enjoy a relaxing bubble bath.  Take some time to reflect on the positive parts of your week, and to remind yourself that if you could make it through this week, you’re strong enough to make it through the next.

Sweat It Out

It’s tempting to view the weekend as a time to slack off a workout routine.  But when you’re this stressed, exercise is your best friend.  Get those endorphins pumping with a good cardio workout - run, swim, dance, whatever makes you work up a sweat!  And as a bonus, working out helps those other pesky PMS symptoms go away, too.


The most important thing to remember is to tailor your weekend to you.  You deserve it!  Even on PMS, your weekend can be a rejuvenating, stress-reducing moment of peace if you make it so.   


This post was written by Tania Green, CEO and Founder of PMS Bites.

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