A Heart Healthy Valentines

February 11, 2016

Don’t get your heart broken this February 14th. Valentines Day is notorious for celebrating romance, being sweet to your loved ones and splurging on heart-shaped candy and chocolate. This year, not only spread the love to your significant other and friends, but also be sweet and caring to your heart by making smart healthy decisions.

Dining out
If you are off to a romantic restaurant, don’t forget to drink responsibly. As a woman, drinking more than one glass a day can actually increase your risk for heart disease and can lead to unhealthy food choices. Willpower ladies! If you want to enjoy drinks with bae, opt for vodka with club soda, a twist of lime and stevia to sweeten things up. Be careful with the breadbaskets, fried food, creamy dressings and sauced-up specials; they are full of unwanted calories and are high on sodium. This will not only bloat us, but it can lead to heart failure.

Enjoying dessert
Because there is no such thing as a chocolate-less Valentines, this year go for dark ‘clean’ chocolate with 65% cocoa or higher. Flavonoids in cocoa, a main ingredient in PMS Bites, can lower blood pressure and improve vascular function, also boosting brainpower and protecting your skin. The less processed, the better! If you are trying to stay healthy, bake something fun at home; use natural sweeteners instead of refined sugars and use almond meal or oat flour as a substitute to white enriched flour. Our bodies absolutely need carbohydrates, and by giving them fuel that is easy to digest, it will respond in positive ways. Show your bodies some love!

Dance the Night Away
Partying is my cardio, no need to hit the gym on Valentines Day! Luckily for you, this year February 14th is on a Sunday and it is a long weekend. Celebrate actively by spending quality time with friends while burning off calories at the beat of the drum. Cardiovascular fitness has several benefits, the biggest being keeping your heart strong and healthy. Yes it can help you loose weight and keep stress to a minimum, but a little dabbin’ on the dance floor will keep you away from heartbreaks.


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