Start Off Your New Year’s Eliminating PMS

December 28, 2015

New Year’s offers the opportunity to start again on a clean slate. It’s a fresh start, letting go of the old and bad and wishing for the new and good. The New Year’s breathes of hope, but sometimes its hard to be positive about the future if you have PMS symptoms. The constant mood swings and irrational emotions can make it difficult to be positive about the upcoming year.

Accept Where You Are At

You may not be where you want to be academically, professionally, or romantically right now, and that’s okay. Accept yourself and your current position and this New Year’s work on reaching your goals. You may not get there overnight, but you can take steps in the right direction.

Write Down Three Things You Love About Yourself

It’s so easy to define ourselves by the things we aren’t than the countless of great things we are. There’s always someone more attractive, slim, better educated, but there’s also a bunch of things you have more of than others. Whether it be better punctuality, a sense of humor, or unparalleled trivia skills, write down three things you love about yourself to reminder you that you’re idiosyncrasies is what makes you special.

Define Your Goals 

Avoid vague and ambiguous resolutions such as “get more in shape” or “give back to the community.” Define your goals in a tangible manner so you can actually achieve your goals and be accountable for them. Instead of saying you want to get in shape, write down your weight loss goal, the parts of your body you want to see improvements, or how many healthy, homemade meals you want to cook in a week. If you want to give back to the community, write down what charity and cause you want to give your money and time to. Defining your goals make achieving them more likely because you’re taking the extra step of figuring out how you want to meet them. 

But most importantly, start the New Year’s by loving yourself. I know it’s cheesy, but hey, it’s true. Whatever bad energy or luck the last year has brought you, don’t let that define you or the upcoming year. Quick PMS remedy trick: there’s no way you can reach your New Year’s resolutions if you don’t value yourself. So approach this New Year’s with a positive attitude and make those resolutions a reality! 

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