Healthy H2O Habits for PMS

November 16, 2015

When you're PMSing, you feel like you're in a constant state of hunger. We have all been there; We think we are hungry when in reality, it's just thirst. In general, it's better to eat early and go to bed early. One night, I was working late and an unavoidable sense of hunger came over me despite the healthy dinner I ate not even an hour ago. 

Even though I was PMSing, I was so good about eating clean that day that I refused to let all my hard work go to waste. Eating clean and working out helped reduce some of my most painful PMS symptoms. So instead, I had a glass of water, and after I finished my glass, I had three more— I couldn’t gulp the water fast enough. I was deceived into believing I was hungry, but in reality my body was just dehydrated.

After that night, I picked up a new habit of drinking eight glasses of water before I even eat anything in the morning. Think about it, for about eight hours every night, your body is not absorbing any liquids because well, you’re sleeping! So drinking water first thing in the morning makes sense since your body becomes slowly dehydrated when asleep.

Besides hydrating your body, picking up on good water habits has many other benefits. Water helps purify the body’s internal system, flushing out toxins so not only is your body cleaner, but also your skin will be glowing. Drinking water in the morning will also help prepare your body to absorb more nutrients in foods.

Knowing this fact encourages me to cook a healthy breakfast to optimize the benefits. And lastly, drinking water helps boost your metabolism so you loose more weight. Ever since I consciously incorporated more water into my everyday morning routine, I noticed I eat smaller portions.

Next time when you think your hungry shortly after a meal, try drinking four glasses of water instead. If you’re still hungry, grab a healthy snack. A healthy snack combined with water will definitely fill up your stomach and curb your cravings.

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