Battle of the Bloat: Looking Your Best for Sex Even On Your PMS

October 26, 2015

One of the biggest insecurities women have when they PMS is bloating. No matter how much you work out or restrict yourself from indulging in PMS cravings there’s just no way around it; you’re going to bloat a bit. Even though you know it’s only temporary, it can be enough to completely turn you off from sex.

How can you enjoy sex when your head is cluttered with thoughts like “I hope he doesn’t notice the huge pimple on my chin” or “Why does my stomach look huge in this position?”

The good news is there are few ways take the bloating down a notch so you can get out of your head and down to business. Here are some tips to help achieve PMS relief:

Take Dandelion Root 

Dandelion root has been used for years to help with bloating. It is a natural diuretic, and will help with extra water retention. You may have to pee a bit more, but if it helps you with the battle of the bloat it's worth it.

Stay Away from Carbs/ Sugary Snacks

Carbs and sugar bloat and inflame. Next time when you’re tempted to grab a slice of pizza after a night out, ask yourself if you enjoy pizza or sex more? Wait, the answer doesn’t seem as obvious as I thought. 

Drink More Water

You may be thinking, “drinking more water will only make me more bloated.” It’s a common misconception many women make, but drinking more water during PMS eliminates toxins and salt that causes bloating.

Eat Less Salt

No carbs, no sugar, and now no salt? I know, I might as well just list the things you can eat as it would probably be a whole lot shorter. But if bloating is preventing you from enjoying sex, then lets face it- sacrifices need to be made. Salt causes you to retain water. It’s why your face could make an appearance at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade after eating a bowl of ramen. Avoid salt and notice less puff and bloat in no time.

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