Starting your New Year’s Resolutions in October and Conquering PMS

October 07, 2015

I know what you’re thinking, New Year’s— now?! October has just begun and pumpkin flavored everything just came in, right in time for my PMS. It seems as if there are still months to indulge before you have to start worrying about a New Year’s weight loss resolution. 

PMS cravings and weight loss goals in the back of your head help justify devouring a pumpkin spice latte, pecan pie, and a second serving of mashed potatoes and turkey. I mean, having New Year resolutions takes away the guilt of indulging in your favorite fall foods, right?

But what happens when you eat one too many apple cider donuts and you’re walking over to the dining table for your third plate of stuffing? Just because the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s, doesn’t mean you’re going to immediately swap your left over trick-or-treat candies for an apple.

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit and when you’re eating addictive foods high in sugar, you should expect it to take even longer. The trick to keeping your New Year’s resolution is to start early. Starting early will give you time to transition into a healthier lifestyle, so by the time New Year’s comes around, you can wear the dress you’ve been eyeing with confidence, even if you're bloated from PMS!
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