Cinco de Mayo Detox: Auga

May 05, 2015

Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays; no running around for last minute presents, the weather is finally starting to cooperate, and people are out to have a fun time. Heck, I did the "Macarena" on a rooftop deck in the middle of Harvard Square last night! I used the spurt of cardio has an excuse to indulge in chips and guac. Fun time had; back to the grind.

Today I started off right with 2 glasses of water with lemon. Lemons have more potassium than apples and grapes, they reduce inflammation, aid in digestion, cleanse your skin, and help you avoid caffeine cravings due to the energy boost. Win all around, and tasty too!

Count the lemon water as a "head start" for the day, but it will not count toward the total glasses of water I'll drink. Camelbak has an awesome hydration calculator based on height, weight, "urine color" (yep), and physical activity. You can use that or simply divide your body weight by two. That will give you the ounces of water you should have in a day. Divide that number by 8 and you will find the number of glasses. Let the detox begin!

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