This PMS Cycle: Easter Dessert VS Summer Flirt

April 06, 2015

On Easter Sunday, we are presented with yet another food battle; spring is here which means bikinis and short shorts are right around the corner, but the Easter pies, peeps, and chocolate eggs are abundant. If your PMS comes around this holiday, below are five tips for enjoying the day without setting yourself back a week.

Eat Throughout the Day

Skipping meals and snacks before your big meal for the day will leave you vulnerable to eating more carbs and sweets. To prime your body for extra sugars, have protein and fruit for your breakfast and snacks. Your blood sugar level will be elevated, stable, and not totally shocked when you eat that Peep.

Load Up on Veggies and Protein

For your Easter meal, fill your plate with greens, protein, and good fats, helping to prime your muscles to store sugar as fuel and stabilize your metabolism for any sweets that follow. 

Drink Lots of Water

Water is the best way to flush out toxins and fats from the day. To figure out how much water you should have: take your weight and multiply it by 2/3 (67%). Then divide that number by 8 to calculate the cups of water you should have per day. Drinking? Tack on one more glass of water for each drink.

Be Mindful

There is no need to totally abstain from the treats on the table. Size up all of your options and really take a minute to enjoy how beautiful everything looks. Ask yourself if there's a particular dessert you have been craving. If you're PMSing, your answer to this question is probably everything, but don't let your PMS cravings get to you- it's a trap! Try to think about one or two desserts that would make you the happiest. Then go in for the kill. Being mindful will help you be proactive and not reactive.

Enjoy It

Holidays are about celebrating with friends and family and living it up a little. Have an amazing time and don't stress out about what you are going to eat or what you have eaten. Worrying will release stress hormones and put your body into a state of panic. Anxiety and guilt are far more fattening than your aunt's cheesecake.

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