PMS Relief: Surviving a Bachelorette Weekend

August 05, 2015

One of my best friends is getting married! Actually a lot of my best friends are getting married this summer, and I am so excited to party! But if you're PMSing, you probably don't share my same enthusiasm. Instead you probably just want to curl up in bed, am I right? 

Don't let your PMS be an excuse! Life is short and everyone deserves to celebrate! Go out for some food and drinks, but make sure to draw the line between enjoying and indulging. Below are five tips on how to reduce your PMS symptoms and not break your diet the entire bachelorette weekend.

Go prepared

You know you'll dine out for most meals. Pack lots of healthy snacks ahead of time to curb your cravings and maintain a little bit of control. My stash included: almonds, paleo granola, and carrots.

Get a sense of the schedule

Ask the planners of the weekend what each day may entail so you can get a sense of where you want to splurge a little bit. Fried seafood Friday, ice-cream on Saturday, and pizza on Sunday. Plan for what is most important and delicious to you, and pass on the rest.

Which leads me to...

Don't pretend you are the bride

A birthday girl and a bride get a free pass for indulging a bit. If it's not your weekend, you can't justify three days of bad decisions. Celebrate WITH her, not for her.

Don't let other girl's cravings dictate your hunger

When there are a bunch of girls around, you are going to hear, "I want a sundae." "I would kill for a piece of pizza." Other people's hankerings can be mistaken for your own. Really ask yourself if you're in the mood for the same thing. If the answer is yes, consult the schedule and ask if you're willing to give up something later to indulge now.

Fill her up

I only wanted one drink on the big party night; a huge goal and probably unrealistic for most, but I would rather eat my calories. Ask bartenders to make your drink particularly strong, that way you can milk it for most of the night and not feel like you are missing out.

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