All Thanks to Mom: Happy Mother’s Day from PMS Bites!

May 05, 2016

Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us owe a lot to our moms.  They’re with us from day one and have seen us through pretty much everything, the good times and the bad - from our first steps to our first day of school, even to our first period.  This Mother’s Day, let’s remember our moms - or stepmoms, grandmas, aunts - and all the great things they’ve done for us over the years.  Thank you, Mom, for…

Teaching Me How to Be a Person

By setting their example, our moms have taught us what it means to be a woman.  They’ve helped us develop our own character and personality, as we’ve watched just how strong they can really be.  Sure, there were the obvious lessons they’ve taught us, but just watching our moms be themselves taught us so much.

Putting Up With Me

That being said, we probably haven’t been the easiest to deal with.  Thanks for putting up with the drama, the teen angst, and the moments of self-pity.  You’ve loved us through it all and helped us grow through every hardship (real or imagined) we’ve gone through.

Helping Me Through Tough Times

Let’s be honest: our mom was probably the first person we turned to when we first encountered that scary new experience of getting our first period.  Who could better explain how the whole menstruation process works and use her own experience to give great advice for dealing with PMS?

So thanks to our moms for being amazing, inspirational women and for helping us develop into our own unique selves.  To all the moms and mother figures out there, PMS Bites wishes you a Happy Mother’s Day!


This post was written by Tania Green, CEO and Founder of PMS Bites.

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