Why Sugar Is Bad For You?

April 19, 2016

You’ve seen it everywhere: eating sugar is bad for you health. Although you try to stay on top of the natural sweetener fad and you’ve bought different stevia brands, when you are on PMS, there is no power in this world that will stop you from craving sugary foods. We get you, we’ve been there—the candy isle at the supermarket is too tempting to resist. But do you know why you should avoid white refined sugar while on PMS?

Instead of eating whole foods, the American diet typically consists of sugar, high processed grains and a combination of chemicals that are anything but food. There is no nutritional benefit behind sugar; no nutrients, no protein, no healthy fats and no enzymes. Basically, when we consume sugar we are eating empty calories. Since refined sugar is void of all nutrients, its consumption causes the body to deplete its own stores of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, consequently causing an imbalance in the body.

Besides diabetes and horrendous dental problems, sugar has negative side effects for those on PMS. Consuming too much sugar while on your period will make your symptoms worse; you will feel crappy, run down and tired. Why? The white refined sugar will go through your blood stream very quickly, shooting up blood sugar levels and consequently, heading to a steep decline. During the steep decline, adrenaline is released, thus exaggerating every PMS symptom. Furthermore, sugar is extremely inflammatory. Your body is already fighting inflammation during PMS, so why would make it work even harder? Instead, it is better to consume naturally sweetened treats that will gradually spike blood sugar levels without the steep decline.

Wondering what natural sweeteners are actually healthy and good for your body? Stay tuned for next week’s post on healthy alternatives to sugar!


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