Training With PMS: How To Get Back In The Game!

March 15, 2016

You were on a roll; your meal prep was spot on, you said no to the second round of dessert and you went to the gym 5 days in a row. Everything was good until you are visited by PMS—the cramps kick in, you feel bloated, there is a lack of energy to exercise, your breasts feel tender and you are craving the entire snack isle. Unfortunately, PMS can indeed affect your workout and undercut your physique gains. But don’t sweat it; we’ve got you covered. Prevent PMS from messing with your training with these easy ways to get back in the game!

Motivating yourself out of bed when you are curled up in a ball with abdominal pain is difficult enough; the idea of running on the treadmill or dancing in zumba class sounds scary and uncomfortable. To reduce abdominal pain limit caffeine intake, apply heat on your lower belly and go herbal! Although we might not even want to crawl out of the covers, research suggests that the more physically active you are, the less likely you are to suffer from chronic aches and pains, including menstrual cramps.

Fitted tanks and leggings become uncomfortable when you feel swelled in your lower abdomen. PMS should not stop us from achieving our health goals; if wearing loose clothes will get you to the gym, forget fashion and think comfort first! In order to get back in the game, plan ahead and avoid high sodium foods the week before your period. This will lead to less water retention and therefore a milder bloating sensation. Dandelion root is an excellent diuretic, recommended by many doctors as a natural way to eliminate excess water from the system. Instead of buying the herb, why don’t relieve the pain by eating a delicious PMS Bites which contain dandelion root?

Period symptoms can unfortunately disrupt sleep, putting in jeopardy your performance for the next day and your overall mood. If you are feeling anxious and can’t sleep, chamomile tea can be a useful ally. Although doctors recommend taking 20-minute naps after a sleepless night, sometimes we just don’t have time. If you are feeling fatigued, try Siberian ginseng, which is also known as a mood and energy booster. Is there a better (and convenient) way to intake both chamomile and Siberian ginseng in one bite? Didn’t think so! Indulge in PMS Bites to get a benefit-packed snack and reduce menstrual symptoms.

Every woman’s aha-moment: That’s why I couldn’t stop eating chocolates, ice cream and salty chips the day before! Instead of letting PMS cravings sabotage your health goals, outsmart them by baking your own sweet potato chips, roasting chickpeas or indulging on a healthy chocolaty snack. With PMS Bites, you get the fudgy texture of a brownie but without the refined sugars, high calories and processed ingredients. Why stay away from chocolate when you can get PMS Bites and satisfy that crazy craving?

Take that PMS, we won’t let the symptoms keep us from achieving our health goals.

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