Cheers to the Ladies: Happy International Women’s Day from PMS Bites

March 08, 2016

Today, on International Women’s Day, people are celebrating women with events around the globe, from conferences to festivals to art exhibitions.  Here at PMS Bites, we want to take a moment to recognize and celebrate women who are making a difference in improving the lives of others.


Gender equality is an issue for everyone, not just women.  Emma Watson, the Women Goodwill Ambassador for the UN, has garnered attention for this issue with the foundation of her #HeforShe movement.  She is bringing men and women around the world together to stand for the necessity of gender equality as a human rights issue

Using Art to Speak Out

Artists have the particular advantage of being in a situation where they can use their fame to spread important messages, if they so choose.  A great example of a star bringing attention to serious issues?  Lady Gaga’s powerful performance at the 2016 Academy Awards, which drew necessary attention to survivors of sexual assault with her song “Til It Happens To You.”  We applaud Lady Gaga for using her talents for the betterment of others.

On a Personal Level

You don’t have to be famous to make a difference in improving the lives of women.  Here’s to you - the everyday feminist.  If you’ve taken a stand against unfair dress codes.  If you’ve worked hard to be successful in STEM fields once dominated by men.  If you’ve built your own business from the ground up.  If you’ve never allowed your gender to be the deciding factor when it comes to following your dreams.

Gender equality still has a long way to go, but to move forward we must focus not only on the struggles still to come, but also on the successes that have been made so far.  Women are strong, and nothing - not PMS, not stereotypes, not unfair laws - can stop us from being amazing.

This post was written by Tania Green, CEO and Founder of PMS Bites.

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